About Us

Who we are and what do we do

We are the Moonpig Engineering Team and we build awesome products!  These include native apps, a website, bespoke tools and productions systems to create and ship our unique products.

If you ever wondered what a “Moonpiglet” looks like – well, here you go!  This photo shows our amazing and talented Engineering and Product teams – the people responsible for building the products that you use to make someone’s day!

The Moonpig Way of Working

There’s always lots to do here, so to keep it focused we’re organised in to cross-functional teams.  These teams include people from engineering, product, UX, analytics and the wider business.  Each team has a clearly defined long term goal to work towards – how they best achieve that goal is up to the team to decide!  Everyone in the team is encouraged to generate and share ideas, and this close collaboration encourages innovation across the organisation.

Agile methods and practices are a fundamental part of the way we work.  We leverage the Kanban and Scrum frameworks to develop software using a lean, data-driven, iterative approach, supported by continuous deployment.  Autonomy is highly valued, and our engineers are empowered to design, write, test and deploy high quality code. Pairing is widely practiced to support quality, learning and domain knowledge.
We embrace continuous improvement, and 20% of development effort is dedicated to a technical backlog that is owned and prioritised by the engineering team.  We promote a culture of learning with regular lunch & learns (and lots of pizza), TDD katas and conferences.  We also host meetups and actively engage in the agile and engineering community.
Fun is a very big part of life at Moonpig – as well as our monthly birthday drinks, we have annual Christmas and Summer parties and the legendary Engineering Christmas Drinks in the local sports bar.  To keep fun high on the agenda, the engineering team has even appointed its own Chief Entertainment Officer!

What is Moonpig?

We’re all about making people’s days brilliant!

That’s a pretty great reason for us all to get out of bed in the morning.

We believe that a personal touch always means more – so we’re here to help our customers make someone’s day with a wide range of top quality, thoughtful and personalised gifts, cards and flowers.

We know our customers always have someone in mind, which is why we’re always launching new things to wow their nearest and dearest. Check out our latest personalised gifts, add a special name, photos or your own handwriting to cards! Plus, we’re super proud to be in the top 3 online flower sellers for all the big occasions.

No birthday or occasion should be forgotten, which is why our Reminders service is a big part of Moonpig. And because all happy things should be hassle free – we’ve worked hard to design our Letterbox flower and gift ranges so a wonderful surprise can be waiting for someone special when they get home!

We love making someone’s day – clocking up over 100 million brilliant moments since we burst onto the scene in the year 2000.

UK Website: www.moonpig.com/uk