Moonpig Engineering @ NDC 2018 London

Moonpig stand at NDC 2018

This year Moonpig Engineering was proud to sponsor the NDC developer conference at London’s QEII Centre in London. Sponsoring conferences is a great way to promote Moonpig and our fantastic engineering team. Nearly everybody in the engineering team volunteered to man the stand at NDC, enabling visitors to gain a real insight into our culture and engineering practices.  We’ll be at more conferences in the upcoming months, so if you see us there don’t be shy!  Come say hello to our engineers and learn more about what we are up to.


Moonpig stand at NDC 2018
Moonpig’s stand at NDC 2018
Moonpig Engineering swag!

Our NDC Highlights

NDC is one of Europe’s largest .NET and Agile development conferences.  The line up this year included some of the rockstars of the .NET and Microsoft world including Scott GuthrieScott Allen, Scott Hanselman, Troy Hunt and Jon Skeet.   Learning is an important part of the Moonpig Engineering culture; one way we support this is giving our team opportunities to go to conferences.  NDC is one of the favourites, and all of our .NET engineers were given the chance to attend this year.

Here are are some of our highlights:

Introduction to GraphQL  – this talk by Sandeep Singh is a great introduction to GraphQL and some of the potential pitfalls. This is  something our team are currently investigating as we begin to re-platform our website.

What we can expect from ASP.NET Core 2.1 – some of our favourite speakers, David Fowler and Damian Edwards, gave a fantastic talk around what we can expect from the new framework, including improvements in performance, HTTPS, Kestrel and more.

Online security – Troy Hunt gave an entertaining talk about security and the value of keeping users’ login details secure. He also outlined changes in the world of security, and how companies must evolve in the era of data breaches.

Alex Ellis and Scott Hanselman at NDC London 2018
Alex Ellis and Scott Hanselman at NDC London 2018

Want to make magic at Moonpig?

Moonpig is here to make someone’s day brilliant!  Our goal is to make 20 million amazing moments by 2020, and we’re looking for creative, collaborative people to help us build an awesome platform to make that happen.  If you’d like to join our team, check out our job board.



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