Staying healthy and happy with Moonpig Bootcamp


This might seem unusual for an engineering blog, but I wanted to write about something my team has chosen to adopt during our free time.

Despite all the baking and doughnut eating that gets done at Moonpig – or maybe because of it – some of our team have started attending a weekly bootcamp session run by Alex, one of our Tech team leads.

But why? Well, other than the obvious health benefits it’s also great for work. Exercise helps stimulate brain growth which helps us developers keep up with the latest trends, frameworks and “hot tech”. It’s also great for reducing stress levels, and has helped get me through more than one toxic merge conflict!

Aside from the personal health benefits, it’s been a great bonding experience for the team!

Meet the Moonpig bootcampers (only the hardcore pictured).

So how did this all get started? Well, Alex began formulating routines for a small group of 3-4 people once a week over the lunch break. It then grew to encompass the bulk of the squad.  At Moonpig we work in cross-functional teams, so our bootcampers included designers, product managers and marketers as well as developers.  And word has now spread to other squads – our slack channel is up to an impressive 17 people!

There is a broad range of ability – some complete the routine with grace and finesse, whilst others, like me, just do their best to keep up.  Regardless of fitness level, everyone is welcome, everyone has fun and hopefully feels fitter.

And just to prove the point, here are some testimonials from the team.

So fun you can’t sit right for the next 3 days

Jasper Law – Product Designer


Almost as fun as squirting lemon juice in your eyes

Sean Johnson – Software Engineer

If you fancy starting your own team bootcamp and don’t have a resident fitness guru, we recommend Fitness Blender as a great way to make your own routines.

If you need a further incentive – Andy, one of our front end engineers, recently scored in the top 17% on health tracker Thriva. He swears it’s down to the weekly sessions.

Andy holding the proof of his achievements – which he plans on getting framed.


Happy exercising!

Want to make magic at Moonpig?

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