Meet Jack

Here’s the first of our Meet the Team series.  This week, it’s Jack.  Jack joined Moonpig on a graduate scheme in the App Engineering team, and he’s going to tell you a little bit about himself and what he’s been up to since he joined.

Hello Jack, can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself, how did you end up here at Moonpig?

I’m Jack, the one you’ll see with pink hair and a collection of computer peripherals on his desk. I graduated MSci Mathematics in 2015 and had realised toward the end of my degree that I should probably start searching for a way to use my skills. I was connected to Moonpig through a recruiter who had heard they were looking to trial a graduate scheme. A phone call led to an interview, the interview went well and I received an offer on the day of my graduation.

Can explain what the Moonpig graduate scheme is?

Moonpig is looking to hire graduates and have them work in 3-6 month stints in different roles to which they might be suited. By doing so junior hires can find positions suitable for them while gaining valuable experience and knowledge from their broad view of how the company operates.

Would you like to talk about the different teams and roles that you’ve worked in?

So far I have worked as a Developer in Test and an Developer, and am currently doing a placement with the UX team. In Test I started out with manual testing as I became familiar with Java, automated testing and our continuous integration pipeline. This gave me a firm base when I assisted in managing our Continuous Integration pipeline and later started Android development. My current work with the User Experience team has been the biggest change so far – a mix of user testing and qualitative analysis and data analytics and quantitative.

What’s been your favourite role?

I did my development placement with the Android team and I think I took to that the best. Some can find wrestling with the oddities of the framework frustrating and I’ve certainly found myself yelling at/crying over/pleading with the code, but there’s a fantastic feeling of accomplishment in tackling a new and clear set of challenges every week.

What’s it like to work at Moonpig?

If you take your view of office life from the likes of Dilbert the actual experience may come as a surprise. The atmosphere is a relaxed one of constant collaboration and fun. Company chat rooms become meeting points for hobbies such as Ping Pong, Pokémon and chilli sauce. And the company is excellent for splashing on social events; to list just a few amongst others: monthly birthday ‘drinks’, the pre-Christmas party, the post-Christmas party, the financial year party and the yearly Hackathon. There’s also a strong atmosphere of learning and technical excellence; we’re always on the hunt for new tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

If you could offer anyone advice on regularly changing roles and picking up new skills, what would it be?

Regardless of what role you end up choosing you’ll be surprised at how many skills are cross functional, so take and appreciate all the opportunities to learn!

Finally, I hear the App Engineering team like sweet treats, what’s your favourite cake / biscuit and why?

A coworker brought a crate of freshly baked Pączki (Polish doughnuts) which were excellent, if frighteningly filling. Toruń gingerbread maintains a close second.

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