Moonshots – Day 3 of a Week of Innovation at Moonpig

On Wednesday we kicked off our first ever  “Moonshots” event.  Whilst hackathons have a long history here, this is the first time the whole company has had a week to focus solely on innovation.

Today we’re half way through, so it’s a good time to check-in with our 18 teams and see what they’ve been up to.  In other words, it’s time for a demo!

Demos are a regular thing at Moonpig.  Every other Thursday we gather together and all the tech teams show what they’ve worked on in the past two weeks.  There are three things you can always count on from a demo:

  1. The tech won’t work.  Whether it’s the TV monitors, the microphone or the wifi, something that worked 5 minutes ago will stop working as soon as everyone arrives to watch your demo.  After 5 minutes of fiddling we’ll be back on track.
  2. It will be funny.  Humour is big here, and the comedy value of the average demo is worth the effort alone.
  3. Something awesome.  At least one team will have something amazing to show.

Fun, as you might have guessed, is woven in to the fabric of life at Moonpig.  So a big part of Moonshots planning involved the fun stuff – a funky logo, branded swag and as many social events as we could reasonably fit in to a week while still having enough time to do some innovating. So when it came to planning the first Moonshots demo we needed no excuse to order in a few beers, some nibbles and an enormous rainbow cake – it is Friday after all…



Alongside fun, celebrating success is very important at Moonpig.  Now given we’re still only half way through, celebration might seem a little premature and it’s possible some of our enthusiasm could be down to the beers consumed.  But the truth is, so far Moonshots has exceeded all our expectations.  For starters, after just two and a half days of work, we’d not anticipated more than a verbal progress update from the teams; instead we had full demos from 12 teams!  Some of the highlights included:

  • A brand new product on the iOS app
  • Two enhancements to our gifting range
  • Two brand new ways to talk to our customers
  • Four new social integrations on the website and Android app
  • And a printed card with possibly the most exciting new feature we’ve developed since Moonpig was born

It’s been a busy week, it’s Friday and we’re all a bit giddy.  But it really does feel very exciting and, whatever next week brings, we’re enjoying the moment.  The week’s finished on a high, and now it’s time for a few (more) celebratory drinks at Flat Iron Square, our new favorite local!


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