Moonshots – Day 5 of a Week of Innovation

Today is the last day of our first ever Moonshots event, a week in which the whole company was free to work on an innovation project of their own.

Five days ago 18 teams started work.  It’s been a hectic week, but what has actually come out of it?  This afternoon, the whole company (and 8 large boxes of doughnuts!) gathered together to see the results.  Each team did a five minute show and tell and answered questions about their project.  Every team had something to show, and whilst a couple needed a little more polish before being 100% ready to go live, by and large they were there.

Listening to the reactions, and chatting to people about the event, several things were clear.

Firstly, Moonshots has been an outstanding success.  The quality of the ideas has really impressed – some were incredibly bold and ambitious, while others were simple but beautifully executed and seemed to fit perfectly in to existing products.  The sheer scale and scope of projects we’ve managed to deliver in a week has been staggering.

But it was also evident that Moonshots has achieved so much more than lots of new features and products.  The level of collaboration has been a fantastic side effect, and teams are already discussing how to foster that collaboration on a daily basis going forward.  Many people have had an opportunity to get closely involved in product development and experience a completely different way of working.  It’s also reminded us just what we can achieve in a week.  When we asked the engineering teams if they thought Moonshots should be a regular thing, the answer was an emphatic “Definitely.”

We set out to have a week of working differently, and that has certainly been achieved.  The office has been buzzing all week, and you could see and hear the passion and excitement that people felt working on something new and different.  It felt like we’d gone back to our start-up roots for a week, and boy was it fun!


So what happens next?  As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, testing with customers is a core part of our development process.  Moonshots projects will now be fed in to the relevant teams, and Product Managers, Engineers and Data Analysts will agree what to release to customers when, and what tests to run to validate those ideas.  We’ll continue to blog about successful ideas as they become available to customers, so be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates, and you can also keep up with the news on Twitter.

As an agile company, we’ll also be gathering feedback from the event, learning what worked and what could be improved.  But after today one thing is for sure: Moonshots, in some form, is here to stay.

But right now, in true Moonpig style, it’s time to party!  Each summer we hold a “Post-Peak Party” – a chance for everyone to let their hair down after a busy period during which Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day represent a very busy period for us.  Tonight, with our first successful innovation week in the bag, there’ll be one more big thing to celebrate!


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