Moonshots – Day 1 of a week of Innovation at Moonpig

Here at Moonpig we’re taking a week off from the roadmap, putting business as usual on the back burner, and focusing entirely on innovation!

A few weeks ago, we asked everyone in the company to come up with “Moonshots” – bold new ideas to explore.  Moonshots could come from anyone and could apply to any aspect of the business, whether it be a new feature for our website or apps, an ambitious product launch or a different way of marketing.  We kept it as open as possible with just a few ground rules; all ideas had to be:

  • Relevant to customers
  • Deliverable in a week

The response was fantastic with more than 20 ideas submitted from all over the business.


In the weeks running up to Moonshots week, we’ve been running product, UX and tech clinics to help teams asses the technical feasibility of their ideas, understand the customer value and the UX effort that might be needed to support it.  We encouraged people to self-organise in to teams, and we supplemented this with a bit of match making when teams needed expertise from outside their usual field of work.

Today is the first day of Moonshots, and we have 18 ideas we’re aiming to deliver in a week.  The 18 teams are a mash-up of people from all areas of the business.  Some of the ideas we’re exploring include some cool social and iOS features for our app and some exciting product range initiatives.

Jane Honey, Product Director at Moonpig talks about her hopes for Moonshots:


Over the next week we’ll be blogging daily about the event and sharing updates on our Twitter feed.  Moonshots week is a first for Moonpig, and we’re hoping it will be the first of many…watch this space!

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